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Frequently Asked Questions about Dagra

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Installing Dagra on Windows Vista

User Access Control on Windows Vista can cause problems when installing Dagra. The installation may stall part way through. You must install Dagra as an administrator when User Access Control is turned on.

The easiest way to install Dagra as an administrator is to use a administrator Command Prompt.

  1. Locate the Command Prompt shortcut in your Start Menu; it is usually under All Programs→Accessories or All Programs→System.
  2. Right click on the Command Prompt icon and choose Run as Administrator from the menu that appears.
  3. Change to the directory containing the Dagra setup file. For example: cd c:\Users\Paul\Downloads↵.
  4. Type Dagra.msi↵ to start the installation program.

Please Contact Us if you have any trouble.

Excel Component

Does Dagra have to be installed to open documents that use the plugin?

Dagra must be installed to open Excel documents that use the DagraEval function. If you use your own interpolation function, you don't need Dagra's Excel component to work with your data.

Microsoft .Net Framework

The Microsoft .Net Framework is a toolbox used by software developers. See our dotNet page to find out if you already have it. You can download it from Microsoft's Website.