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White Light Emitting Diode Plotted on Tristimulus Curves

Often it is informative to plot one set of data on top of another. White light-emitting diodes are created by combining several colors on a single chip. Here the spectrum of two TT Electronics Lednium Series are plotted with the CIE tristimulus curves. The tristimulus curve is the standard response of the human eye.

The spectral response of the light-emitting diodes were copied into Dagra from the product data-sheet. The tristimulus curves came from Wikipedia. All were traced using Dagra then imported into Microsoft Excel.

Spectral response of the LEDs was taken from the Lednium data-sheet Data was traced using Dagra
The data-sheet graphs and tristimulus curves were traced using Dagra.

The difference between the "warm" and "daylight" light-emitting diodes is clear when plotted with the CIE Tristimulus curves. The daylight LED contains less red/ green light. The blue in each LED is very similar.

LED spectra plotted on the tristimulus curves.

The spectral response of the "warm" and "daylight" light-emitting diodes are plotted with the CIE Tristimulus curves.