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Use Matlab inside Word and ExcelInference for Matlab lets you create blocks of Matlab code inside Word and Excel. Matlab exceutes the code blocks and returns the results to your Office document allowing you to document your work as you go.

Interesting Science

Digital Cameras in Mathematics TeachingThe digital camera provides a simple tool to grab a snapshot of the world for analysis. This site provides a number of worked examples to help teach coordinate systems, errors in approximation, shape identification, length, area and volume.
Gyroscopes Defy GravityVideo demonstration of the magic of gyroscopes.


The Math ForumThe Math Forum's Internet Math Library is a comprehensive catalog of Web sites and Web pages relating to the study of mathematics.
Organic Chemistry Resources WorldwideA role and task based organisation of online resources for organic chemists. Created and maintained by Dr. Koen Van Aken and Katrien Desmadryl.
Mathematics Resources on the Internet, by Bruno KeviusA very comprehensive directory of online mathematics resources covering everything from algebra and applied mathematics through history and journals to symbolic mathematics and topology.
Periodic Table of ElementsComprehensive reference material on elements. Includes crystallographic, physical, thermal, ionization, isotope and abundance data.
CIA World Fact BookThe CIA World Factbook provides national-level information on countries, territories, and dependencies. It has profiles on all counties including flags, geography, population, government, economy and infrastructure information.
Physical and Mathematical ConstantsA comprehensive list of commonly used constants with references


Select Science.netReviews of scientific equipment including clinical diagnostics (blood transfusion, test kits,...), drug discovery (toxicology, compound libraries,...), lab equipment (balances, filtration,...), lab automation (liquid handling, robotic instruments,..., Spectroscopy (atomic absorption, IR, NIR, mass spectrometry...)
Comparison of Mathematical Progarms for Data AnalysisA report by Stefan Steinhaus comparing the performance and capabilities of GAUSS, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, O-Matrix, OxMetrics and Scilab.
List of Testreports on Scientific SoftwareUser and professional reviews and reports are listed for a variety of scientific software including GAUSS, Macsyma, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, MuPAD, O-Matrix, Ox, ProFit, S-Plus and Sonstiges.

Product Directories

1stEngineers.comIndustrial Products Directory - Automobiles, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Motors, Bearings, Instruments