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FileZilla is a fast, easy to use FTP program. A Windows Explorer style interface is used with separate controls for the local and remote folder structure, and local and remote folder content. A messages window reports the conversation between the client and server. A file transfer queue shows transfer progress and allows failed transfers to be quickly restarted. File transfers are made simply by dragging folders or files. Commonly used sites can be setup with the site manager (stores host address, username, password etc) and selected from a drop-down on the tool bar. The toolbar also contains input boxes for host, username, password and port for easily establishing one-off connections.

Pro: Simple to use and reliable. When overwriting files FileZilla can prompt you for each file or you can select a default action (such as overwrite if newer) to be applied to the current queue, uploads or all transfers.

Con: List of recently used folders is not maintained between sessions.

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