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Download manager and accelerator. Free Download Manager extends Internet Explorer and Firefox stepping in to handle downloaded files.

Instead of the simple "Save As..." dialog you get from Internet Explorer, Free Download Manager presents a custom dialog when you download files from the internet. You can setup groups, each with a custom destination folder, to organize your downloaded files as you get them. A default group is automatically selected based on the extension of the download file, but you can easily change this, send the file to a particular directory, or create a new group all from the download dialog.

Free Download Manager supports file splitting to accelerate downloads (different parts of the file are downloaded at the same time and stitched together automatically), and resuming or restarting broken downloads. A separate window (accessed from the task tray) provides a log of all downloaded files.

Pro: Downloads can be classified as they arrive. File splitting accelerates downloading large files.

Con: Existing download groups can't be edited from the "Add Download" dialog (new ones can be added though). The groups must be edited from the main application window.