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Here are some books that we recommend for Scientists and Engineers who have to write technical reports. Please note: we receive a small commission, which helps us maintain this website, if you purchase these books from http://www.Amazon.com by following the provided links.

Advanced Microsoft Office Documents 2007 Edition

by Stephanie Krieger

Unlike many Office books, this one does not assume you are a complete novice and spend several chapters covering the trivial. Assuming you are reasonably familiar with an earlier version of Office, Krieger starts with the important differences in Office 2007. The new user interface, and the rationale behind it, the new document formats and document parts are all introduced.

Although the title suggests this book covers all the applications in the Office suite, it is written with document authors in mind, so Word receives most coverage. The emphasis is on creating robust, easy-to-manage documents and using the right tool for the job to make document preparation as simple as possible. So, PowerPoint and Excel are discussed in the context of how they are most useful for producing good documents.

This is a very good book if you are already familiar with earlier versions of Office and would like a fast introduction to Office 2007 or are looking to make your life easier when working with Word documents.

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